H1: Page Title

H4 Page Subtitle: class of hero section with subtitle is .hero-section-subtitle – hero section w/o subtitle is .hero-section

H1 – Used for section / page headlines

H2 – Used with headlines

H3 – Sub-headings

H4 – Empahsis text

H5 – not sure yet
H6 – Mini subtitles


Body text underneath subheading. Example of a link.

Resources Grid

This is a typical resources grid. In it is information, quotes, and media about the ministry. Make sure it is “full-width background,” and the “equal height” box is checked.


“This is a fun quote pertaining to the ministry”


God’s Principles Change


Some supporting body text about who Crown is and what we do. This would probably be a few sentences leading into the elements below.

My MoneyLife

MoneyLife Indicator

Debt Resource Center

Tax Tips for 2016

Crown Believes.


Text about Crown. Ebitat et utem lam facepeliquia cor sequas aut earchitibus ea dem hilla dipsus reperis accatur res sus antem volecepudae exerem. Ut omnitempos volum quae. Nem quam que il mos doloris quoditae. Simodis senihillecto endel eum raectur aut quatur audipic iuntionsequo to dit as eum que nullabo rerionseque consecumquia quae accupta tquiate nesed undi vent dolorpor acitae nonserecto endi cum estiunt.
Re plauta volorent eostius, ut voluptiis perum hillent mo quo to od expliquis doluptatia que non poreptatibus repellam harionem evenis expliqui omnistemodis num ullandior molum rerupi

Graphic goes here.




Something wonderful to say about Crown


Main Color Pallet




H3/subheadings (if on light background)


(don’t use)

Supporting Color Pallet


Donate buttons or calls to action


Testimonials Option #1

Link Hover Option #1


Testimonials Option #2

Link Hover Option #2


Sidebars / quotes

Call-To-Action Gradient Bands

.rust-callout-band SUPPORT

.blue-callout-band SUPPORT

.orange-callout-band SUPPORT

.green-callout-band SUPPORT

.olive-callout-band SUPPORT

.teal-callout-band SUPPORT

“quote about something interesting”

Sidebar content