Jorge Nishimura

Chairman, Jacto Group Brazil

Jorge Nishimura lives in Pompeia, São Paulo, Brazil. He is married to Marcia Yoko and the couple has three children.

After earning his bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1976, he worked as an engineering trainee for three years in Germany. An independent venture began when he founded and managed a small business of his own. He was subsequently invited to be the Manufacturing Director of the family controlled company Maquinas Agrícolas Jacto SA, the main enterprise within the Jacto Group, operating in the agricultural machinery market. During an extended period of economical and familial crisis, conflicts within the family began to increase, and Jorge was then appointed the Coordinator of the Family Council in 1994—a board that would evolve towards the establishment of a corporate governance in the company—a position he continues to hold. In 1999 he was elected the Chairman of the Board of the Jacto Group.

He also serves as a Board member for Fundação Shunji Nishimura de Tecnologia, a non-profit organization that financially supports four educational institutions: an Elementary School, a Professional School (Mechanics of Machining, in partnership with Senai SP), a Technical School (Mechanics and Electronics, in partnership with Senai SP) and a College of Technology (Mechanization in Precision Agriculture, in partnership with Centro Paula Souza). All courses are provided free of charge, except the Elementary School.

Jorge is also Co-Founder and President of Universidade da Família, a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to teach God´s principles for families in a variety of family issues. Universidade da Família has developed partnership with the following American Christian organizations: Family Foundation International (family relationships resources), Crown Financial Ministries (finances resources), Growing Families International (parenting resources) and Christian Men´s Network (manhood resources). More than 700,000 people in the past 20 years have participated in at least one of the curricula offered by this organization. Universidade da Família also holds an award-winning publishing house and hosts large-scale events, including its trademark National Family Conference.

Marcia Nishimura received a degree in Biology and went on to become a Biology professor at Universidade de Marília from 1986-1991. Marcia co-founded Universidade da Familia with Jorge in 1992. Marcia is a volunteer for Jacto Group and enjoys handcrafts, jigsaw puzzles and sudoku in her free time. She is also currently working to finish her Masters of Divinity (Theology).